The Ex-JW wife

Being married to an ex-Jehovah’s Witness isn’t as peaceful as you would think. There is the constant judgement, consistent influence and preaching whether you like it or not, comparisons and such. Though my husband has not practiced the religion in over 20 years, the desire for him to repent remains. If I thought I had issues with my mother-in-law it would only be due to this. I wish Netflix or some platform would interview spouses of ex-Jehovah’s witnesses to get a feel for what these people went through. But what about us wives? When do we get to stop being judged? While I can’t give enough shits about what anyone thinks of me, the family dynamic and where we fit in to the puzzle is a misfit.

I have been married for almost 15 years. Since the beginning of my marriage, when I met my in-laws (notice, not before I was legally married), I have been critiqued, judged, talked about, envied over, the works. When I was first introduced to my husband’s family, I had a 15-year old girl tell me I would never feel welcomed since I am clearly different from them.

As for my kids, I was told that when Armageddon decided to show up, that we would be destroyed since we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses. Perhaps they don’t have a pulse to understand how much that hurts to hear.

I have been asked multiple times why I chose to marry into such a complex family dynamic. Love would be the obvious answer, but not I. I do love my husband, but that’s not the point.

My entire life I have been a misfit. I was always the rare breed, the runt of the litter per say. I know what it’s like to be nothing to most yet everything to everyone when needed.

Leaving a cult isn’t the easiest thing to do. Being disassociated as they say equates to being shunned. If you were walking down the street, no one could look in your direction let alone share the same path. The best part, the same people who preach this Jehovah word are the same people hypocritically and intimately involved with minors. I have more examples, but that’s enough for tonight.

I stick by my family, but I know right from wrong. It’s the one decision my husband doesn’t regret. I am forever grateful he left that cult religion, or else I would have never met him. Here we are, still standing strong together.

Good Night…

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Tiffany Elise

A writer focused on inspiring a new level of confidence for today's society. Passionate for the opportunity to see the other side of my own pain and unfinished psychological business. Broken yet determined to fight through my recovery, one blog at a time.

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