Break the Cycle, Be the Difference

I have lived loyal to the message above since I was in grade school. Growing up a Parental child, I always wanted to be different and endlessly strive for success – no matter the cost.

A mama of two strong boys and the only place I ever wanna be is with them. Happily married to my best friend of almost 15 years. He’s questioned if I love my dogs more than him? Honestly I can’t answer that (lol); however, I do pride myself on spoiling all three of our family’s fur-babies.

I decided to start this blog for two reasons: (1) this pandemic has forced me into a self-discovery phase of ponder and pursuit. Also, (2) healing is required for me to recover, and I am a natural-born writer. As the young girl who won that writing contest back in 1995, supporting the victims and families of the Oklahoma City Bombing massacre, I want her voice back 25 years later. If not for these two reasons, then for the meer possibility to connect with you on a personal level.