Unemployed during a Pandemic

Apologies for the break in posting, I’ve been busy applying for jobs. Not just any job, the kind of job that appears to potentially provide stability, growth and new opportunities. Notice how I tiptoed around that one… In the current job market, IMO – that does not exist. This pandemic has changed the way I feel about applying to jobs. I used to feel challenged when I came across a new opportunity. Now a days, every post on LinkedIn , Indeed, and Glassdoor, feels like I wasted both my college degrees for fun when I find out the pay range. Opportunities I see these days don’t challenge the average professional in my generation, aka the working generation/millennial/I barely made the cutoff for millennial but it’s true. What I truly don’t understand is how I apply to roles where I meet the requirements and receive a rejection email, but the long-shot roles are the ones who contact me. Revising my resume has become a new hobby and of course I am overthinking this. Feeling discouraged would make anyone feel defeated at a moment like this, right?

As a positive, I have used some of the above mentioned sites to take advantage of continuing education. Between homeschooling my Boys and caregiving Grandparents, I started studying for an exam that will compliment my current career path well. I speak to people of the unemployed community, and they have asked how someone like me could be unemployed working in Healthcare. I am not clinical, my experience lies within supporting Healthcare finance and business operational stuff. I am learning about Microsoft Azure and focusing on the technological side of Healthcare. I remain humble and hope for the best. There has to be an opportunity waiting for me somewhere, right?

If you, or someone you know, is also experiencing the lows of unemployment during this unprecedented time, I feel for you and I am with you in thoughts and positive vibes. I am struggling to stay strong yet learning to feel all the emotions that accompany that stride. It’s okay to feel the good and the bad.

Peace and positive vibes…

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Tiffany Elise

A writer focused on inspiring a new level of confidence for today's society. Passionate for the opportunity to see the other side of my own pain and unfinished psychological business. Broken yet determined to fight through my recovery, one blog at a time.

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